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I introduced myself to Mrs. Silva, she was a mid 40's something white women, with impressive set of double D's and nice round hips. Her red hair just ...ell below her shoulders. I helped the two men with moving furniture and welcomed Mrs. Silva to the neighborhood. She was a sweet woman, asked me to come by later for cookies. A week later I kept thinking about Mrs. Silva and her offer, I laid in bed stroking my thick cock just thinking about getting on top of her and plowing her wet pussy deep. " Just do me a favor, and watch him. Watch him close, when he's up there," Surhoff urged. "Watch him for a few days, and then tell me what you think. Me, I think this guy needs to learn to be a power hitter, I don't care how small he is." I'll watch him," I said."And if you decide to talk to him about it," Surhoff said, "don't tell him it came from me. I am just the old-fart hitting coach. My playing career? To him, it's just some lines he'll never look up, in the Baseball Encyclopedia. He. Pushing apart my legs, her tongue started circling around my ass, while with her fingers she was preparing me. Her tongue went in and out of my anus. finally I noticed she was ripping of a condom package and putting the condom on.She took my legs on her shoulders, exposing my anus and started entering me. She had prepared me so well that it went in without problems and shortly she was fucking me with all her energy. It was some time since I had got such a big cock, so I was enjoying it great.. He watched as if what happened was now in slow motion. He watched that female bring up her hand and in her hand was some type of hand weapon. His red eyes saw a bluish flash and the thin beam of blue light erupted from the barrel of the weapon. He could almost predict where that thin beam of light would strike even as it reached across the room and punched through his chest in a blink, burning a fist sized opening clean through his body and fusing two of his three lungs permanently closed. His.

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