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“Yes, pleeeaasse…”, the k** replied, still thinking about how good the finger felt up his ass. Off course, this wasn’t a finger anymore. Larry...��s dick was fat and hard.Larry liked Hugo and he didn’t want to go rough on him immediately. The k** had to adjust to the size and the feel of his dick first. Luckily he had a lot of precum. It dripped from his rock hard dick and it surely made the penetration go much easier. But still, it was a fairly big amount of dick for the k** to take in and Larry. Then we made a plan to trap her, then i introduced her Mr.Raj as manager of the hostel and then he asked her to change her dress because that is the rules, then I gave her the dress which I bought for her, ten she asks for changing room. Here our plan is to keep a hidden camera on her changing room and to catch her nude video and to black mail her. She went to change and Mr.Raj asked me to capture her nude video got shocked and said “no”, but he told that he is waiting for customers and he. This is my first story on ISS and its also a real one so please bear with me if the story is not up to your mark. I currently shifted to Mumbai now cause I went there for my basketball competition.I am tall 6 2′ in height and fair skinned. We are rich as my father works as an engineer in NASA and mother as a cardiologist. In high school girls used to look at me, all the make of them even came proposed me but I rejected them all cause I was very shy back then…Even some female teachers used to. Follow me, lover boy." She said as she stood aside and let him walk into the building before closing the door and locking it shut and leading him up a pair of broken down stairs as she spoke."Breakfast is at nine in the kitchen on the first floor. NOBODY leaves or opens the door before Nine o'clock. There's a curfew on anytime before. Unless you wanna get mugged of course." She said looking at him as Michael shook his head. He could hear the sound of creaking beds? Or maybe mattresses as they.

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