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As she switched from mine to his,I grabbed the back of her head,andshoved her head down on his cock till she was gagging,and when I stopped,she would ...ust look up with this big grin,his precum mixed with saliva, dripping from her chin.when she switched back to me this time,John knelt down and buried his face,once again in Red's now soaking wet pussy.while she was still trying to suck me,but to give John better access to that pussy, I pull away and push her on her back,so he can lick that pussy. “Woah, but ... you’re a virgin!” David reacted with shock ... and excitement at taking this ginger babe’s cherry like that.“Not anymore, and I never claimed to still have a hymen, did I?” Sasha winked as she began making out with her new lover and riding his cock.“So much for foreplay, I see,” Trudy joked, winking at both of them.“Oh, honey, this guy had me wet from the time that he put that 7 Up in your hand. Just something about him, the mixture of strength and kindness, a good man capable of. I was in my street clothes, jeansand a t-shirt with the letter "o" on it. A little eye makeup and my hairwas down. "Thanks for the tea Frank."He was visibly shaken, "Do I know you?" Yes, you just don't remember."He was looking at my chest, "How's that?" It doesn't really matter to you does it?" No, I guess not."And he was still looking at my chest. "You like my shirt?" Yeah, its interesting." Yeah? And what you do if I said ?O'" I asked."bey." You would obey me?" Yes." His eyes widened a bit.. They keep me cuffed and locked in a closet if they leave or if they have company that is not aware of my existance over for cocktails and dinner. While they are entertaining their guest one or the other of them will come to my place of confinement and check on me and tanunt me by saying wouldn't you be embarrassed if I told my parents or my boss that I had you tied up and locked in the closet and it is at my request that they tell their guest at times that I am thier and that I sought them out.

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