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So I removed my shorts as I was in hurry moreover I wasn’t wearing any accessories at that time. After 2nd game, shrishti was supposed to remove som...thing and irrespective of wearing many accessories she removed her top. Susane- wow! You are a sports babe. *bite her lips*Shrishti- *winked*3rd game was lost by shrishti again and she removed her pants. After that, I had my dick hard enough to be noticed.Shrishti- someone is getting out of control.Me- can’t help it. It’s your beauty that makes it. As Sara headed upstairs, Trent came into the living room and said, “Hi, Mrs. B…long time; no see.” We both laughed at his little joke, then he plopped down on the sofa and flipped on the TV as I went back to reading my book.When we heard the shower turn on, Trent got up from the sofa and walked over to where I was sitting and stood directly in front of me. He pulled down his zipper, fished out his enormous cock and pulled it out of his jeans, slowly stroking it in front of my face.With a. "NO TALKING" YOU ARE TOLD AS THE MALE VOICE MOVES AROUND YOU, YOU REALISE YOUR HANDS ARE BEING RELEASED, SO THAT YOU CAN MOVE THEM, YOUR TEMPTED TO COVER YOURSELF, "DONT YOU DARE", "JUST DROP YOUR HANDS TO YOUR SIDES" WITH THAT YOUR TOP IS PULLED WIDE OPEN AND YOUR BREST LIFED OUT OF YOUR BRA. WITH THE COLD DAMP AIR TEASING YOUR EXSPOSED NIPPLES AND MAKING THEM HARD O-DEAR THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HAPEN/ BUT YOUR BODY HAS RESPONDED TO THE SITUATION THAT YOUR IN. YOUR CREAMY TITS ARE ON. " Huh?" She's worried sick about you."I tried to get up."She won't see you. Not yet."Words left me. I hugged Grandfather's knee.Eventually, I slept. It had been dark when I came to. It was light when I awoke, alone.I patted my head and winced. Mom's stoneware must have been made of granite. Looking around, I made plans. I tackled the heap closest to me. Eventually, I found my cell phone. It was dead. Later, I found the charger. I finished sorting and stowing and left, phone plugged in..

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