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Porter Ranch is a strange place; a relatively recent development. Essentially it’s built around a country club private 18-hole golf course, and most...every home has its own backyard pool, even though they’re on relatively small plots for the price tag. It’s what they call a ‘masterplanned’ community, and from what I’d heard, it’s a great place to bring up kids, with high-performing schools and a safe environment. It’s also one of the more expensive non-Hollywood neighborhoods in Los Angeles; the. He then pulled herback onto the settee, placing a hand on her right tit. Flash!When Sharon's dress fell to the floor she looked great in only G-string andstockings. More photos were taken with each of us holding and dancing with her,Ian taking every opportunity to hold or touch a 34D breast! Sharon was playingalong smiling and pouting her bare bum at the camera.With Sharon in the middle of the Settee with a man on each side she didn't knowwhat to make of it. When hands began to enjoy her bare. And John added, “This has been pretty fun so far, but I think there are some real doozies left in the bowl.”“I hope so,” I added, as I handed the bottle to John. He spun the crap out of it again, and it pointed to Bob this time. Bob removed his paper, and it read, everyone fucks the spinner (this was John’s also). Bob, Steve and I all looked at each other as I said, “Shall we go in order of size or just let Bob go first and tear him a new one?”As we all had a good laugh at that John piped in. I could tell her all of my good business reasons, but I knew that wouldn't matter much to her."Well? Why didn't you give her the job?" When you quit, Shirley, my father wondered what I was going to do next. If I had hired Ellen, just because she was our friend, or because that was what you wanted me to do, he would have thought I hadn't been serious when I first convinced him to let me have an assistant. I told him then that I wanted to learn how to delegate things to other people." That's so.

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