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Well, unless you like girls better than guys.” I held back a chuckle with a questioning look.She wiped a single tear from her cheek.“No, I don’t... I thought you might be upset, though, because it was before we first made love.”I had a flash of revelation. Several seemingly unrelated things made sense now.“Why would that upset me? Wouldn’t the fact that you and Stephanie are going to have sex after she and I do be more likely to upset me?”“God damm it, Steve!” Jennifer giggled.“Shoe’s on the. Silver moonlight caught the waves and reflected back in a million points of light. The rhythmic crash of the waves against the shore and the ebbing lap of the receding water made a much nicer music than they would have heard at the dance.They walked up the shore a little ways and then Steve sat on a large rock, pulling Jennifer down on his lap. She turned towards him and their lips met, their arms pulling them into a tight embrace. For ten minutes they sat like that, not moving except their. My prostate forced more throbs and twitches from my cock. I screamed, almost loosing my slut-femme voice in the passion. My orgasm subsided and I came down from my summit. “Clean my hand slave,” Mistress G demanded. I cracked my eyes open to respond and saw her driver licking up her shiny thin fingers. After he was finished with her fingers she handed me my panties and said, “I would definitely like to have you participate in a scene that I am having tomorrow afternoon. Are you. Her daddy didn’t look too pleased with what she had to say and was replying to her and pointing to the door. She said something else and left the room, closing the door behind her. After being sucked off for a while longer by his young daughter, he withdrew his cock and went to the door, it looked as though he was saying something to somebody. Shortly after, the older daughter came in the room, she said something to her daddy and went and stood over by the fireplace. He kept saying something.

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