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I have to work all summer just to save up enough for this place." I know. That's why I am calling. Your Mother and I have a proposition for you." What...s up?" Nothing's up. We just had an idea, and want to sound it out with you." Okay, what do you have in mind?" I was terrified that he would propose that we go there as a family."Well, your sister says that all of her friends are going down there. Now you know how she exaggerates, but we did check, and at least several girls from her school are. She said she had the credit card machine and would teach us how to use it. When she said she would need a phone jack at the counter, all I could think of was, "One answer creates another problem."The phone guy was playing with Pink and Flower. When he heard what we would need, he said he would have it installed in a jiffy.Jill, Mindy, Fun and I listened carefully to the bank lady then we all practiced doing a transaction. Not difficult but different from watching someone else do it. She taught. It's just that I never had more than two outfits to wear around the house before. I love everything you bought me and I can't decide what to put on."I gave her a hug and said, "I understand. And I don't mind at all. I'm in no hurry. I get paid by the hour."After breakfast I went up and listened to the conversations the bugs picked up. I found out why Amber screamed yesterday afternoon. Jon has a kink I wasn't aware of. He used Amber for a urinal and apparently she was even more surprised than. Healmost killed Molly when Molly saved Sir Fallaistra and her Warband.- Xorag - Orc Warchief and Commander of the Warg-Riders Places:Arda - Elven name for the world created by Ill?vatarAngband - The land ruled by Morgoth, his fortress also bears this name.Beleriand - The Elven name for middle earth in the first age.Echoriath - the Mountains that encircle Nevrast.Nevrast - Kingdom founded and ruled by Turgon upon his return to middleearth from Valinor. He left.

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