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“Oh Jimmy, I want you to meet Louise…..Louise, Jimmy” I stammered. Jimmy walked across and stood just in front of us and stared down at Louise, ...etting his eyes roam all over her, with particular attention to her thrusting breasts, then with a smile he reached down and took her hand and raised it to his lips, “Oh, I am particularly delighted to meet you, Louise, you are absolutely beautiful!” he whispered, then kissed the back of her hand.Well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look so. Finally my desire is coming true.I took a day off from work and booked a hotel room, she came to a shopping mall and I picked up her from there. She was looking amazing on tight leggings and a low cut top. I could see most of the guys staring at her. As soon as we got in to the room I hugged her tight. I was caressing all through her hair and her back. I loosened up her hair and broke the hug. I starred right in her eyes and felt the temperature growing. We were in each other’s arms and finally. After all, this is your hotel.’ ‘This is my 3rd night here. I had to entertain several clients the past two days and became very well known by the staff here. It’s actually a pretty good place. The clients on the other hand were a bit loud and we ended up spending the rest of the evening in the bar. I worked it out with the servers that my first drink was real, the rest were not, but looked real. I told them to charge me full price. I didn’t want to lose my head on anything. Some of the. Once that word is spoken, then she would no longer be my Slave.It has yet to be uttered.Oh, by the way, my name is Caesar. I'm Marnie's Master and, this may surprise you, friend. A Slave is not simply a sexual object, though at times I certainly use her in this fashion. It's a lifestyle between two consenting adults. Out of the privacy of our lives, we are two upper-middle-class individuals that hold jobs and do all that other couples do.In fact that is one reason why I'm writing this today..

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