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I agreed; I had bike but she told no need of it, I will get a car; I was more comfortable.The treat day came and I was waiting near college entrance s...e came in car and I got into car an d was astonished to see her in her attire, she was wearing shorts and white deep neck t shirt with maroon bra, she offered me for coke in car. I had it and she told v will go for a long drive and then movie and dinner, I agreed, after seeing her attire something was running in my mind that she likes me.V went. The bedroom was nicely furnished for her kids, set up with two single beds a dresser and a chair, and as we left the room and proceeded down the hall, there was a small bathroom across from the kids’ bedroom. Penny now led me a little further down the short hallway, and as we walked into a what was obviously her bedroom at the end of the hall. She seemed excited to show me, or maybe nervous, in any case as she moved around the room, I could see it is was a master bedroom with a queen size bed,. Lilith turns to stand next to the bed, snapping her fingers twice,signaling Rebecca to do what she has been taught to do, worship herMistress' ass. Rebecca drops Lilith's panties to the floor and Lilithsteps out of them. Rebecca takes the panties and lays them gently downon the dresser. Rebecca returns to Lilith and kneels. She begins bykissing Lilith's ass cheeks, leaving lipstick marks all over the roundmasses in her hands, squeezing them lovingly. She then parts Lilith'scheeks and buries her. Mrs. Olsen smiled at her. Stephanie was dressed in a pink dress that had white ruffles on the sleeves and on the hem of the skirt that were just above her knees. She was wearing white ankle socks with ruffles and matching pink shoes. “Do you like it here?” Mrs. Olson asked. Stephanie nodded her head. Mrs. Olson began to lovingly brush her hair with her hand. “How would you like it if I were your mommy?”Stephanie looked her over before answering. Mrs. Olson had one a black jumper dress that.

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