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Laivien voice resounded within the pitch black world.This way of communication was something Zax learned about before he started looking for additiona... bottlenecks. Laivien explained it to him before he split his awareness and sent his inner mind into the violet stone.One of the valuable functions of the violet stone is that if someone will imbue it with a Soul Sense, the Soul Sense will then get a huge boost, which will allow it to surpass the scope of a Sublime Soul Sense of a third realm. Jilly ordered us to strip naked and walk around the fertility b**st, stoking its flanks, its belly, and underbelly, until its penis fell from its sheath, all one meter of cock hung tantalizingly in front of our glazed eyes, and dry mouths.We reached under him and held our prize, some of the girls going under and applying their mouths onto this stiffening organ, as it became aroused and started bucking, and dripping with pre-cum, which some drank greedily.Jilly had one of those tracks from a. ." she texted."And?" You'll just have to wait. I think she might call you soon. By the way, I'm fucking Brian again tonight. I think I might tell him how I let you taste my pussy on my fingers earlier today."Reading that instantly made me horny again. "What do you think he'll say?" I texted back."He might think it's sad that you've been so close to me for so long and have only just now tasted it, and only from my fingers. But I barely know him and he's fucked me so many times."I had to start. I opened my mouth and he just roughly shoved his cock forward, filling my mouth with that warm and hard piece of meat.Other guys were now standing behind my seat and I could feel their hands snaking around me; mauling my tits. My cunt was being explored by several fingers.Then a huge black man came and pushed them all aside. He grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet. He turned me around and made me bend over the seat back.He stepped up behind me and roughly started to poke his huge dick into.

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