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By the time I walked into the reception area I wasa popsicle. Nicole laughed at me "Not thinking ahead were you?" thePrograms receptionist teased."I ...idn't know it was going to be this windy! Be careful when you goout there. It is brutal!" I told her. She told me I could go on back.I shed my coat in the lobby and headed back to Debbie's office. When Ientered I saw the results of her fall the other day. "Looking goodthere, Dr. Burke" I said as I entered. The bruise on her cheek hadbegun. Beverly had chosen her hiding place well! As added protection, she had never taken anybody (including me) to see her hidey-hole and I only knew of it from her descriptions. For my own protection, that was all I wanted to know. What I didn't know couldn't be extracted forcibly from me.This of course did not stop endless attempts to persuade or trick Beverly into revealing some miniscule nugget that might lead the questioner to a possible solution of the warping question. Their efforts invariably. Now, come have lunch with me and tell me about the trouble with my unruly granddaughter.”Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire! My problems in Chicago paled compared to trying to explain to Don Joseph what had happened between me and Joyce. I followed him to the table where Mrs. Grossi set sandwiches piled high with Italian lunch meats and cheeses before us, as well as glasses of lemonade.“I’m not sure what there is to tell,” I said. “She did something that she shouldn’t have and. Grayish dead looking skin, long spiny tails and reptilian faces with hollow black beady eyes. Short and stalky with huge swinging cocks. Darker colored than the rest of their bodies, and considerably large for their short stature. There were 8 other girls huddled together in the cell, covered in only their sleeping dresses. Their heads down, scared to look up and attract attention.The guards,five of them, stood around aimlessly, drooling over the new batch of meat for their master. One of them.

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