Romance with teacher

Now your’e moving. Shake it.They danced with her, mocking her, pretending to dance with her.”“That’s it, more more.” Hold that leg up Bitc....No. I can’t. It’s too hard.SMAACK. The back of hand smacked her head.“Get that fucking leg up.”She held her right leg extended above her head in a classic stretch and hold.Her cunt was exposed for everyone to see. WHOO WHOOO , yea, yea. Do a split, Yea do a split on that clit.“I don’t know, it been too long.”“Fuck that bullshit, do it. Do it. There are weapons stored around the house. Dev and Deke set me up when they put in the system. You know I hate these things.”Dave chuckled, “Do people think you keep a billion or two lying around in loose cash?”Owen sounded more serious, “Maybe.” He was fiddling with the keypad and finally the alarm silenced. Owen went to his back door and waved to the others on the patio. “Sorry for awakening all of you. I think someone was around the house. I’ll tell you more in the morning after I look at. We took a moment to admire our work, the beds looked fantastic, so did her tits through her even wetter and now mostly translucent t-shirt.“Well, that went faster than I thought it would”, I told her, “What time is your mom coming to pick you up?” She looked at her cell phone and said that she wouldn’t get out of work for a few more hours. “I guess that we have time for lunch if you want to hang around, or I can drive you home.” She looked torn so I upped the ante, “I was going to throw a. The women in my life have always enjoyed this. It would have worked forever but as I got older I found that if I don't make love right away, I may not be able to even get it up later. When I eat pussy, my cock drips a lot because I am so turned on. Most times, it isn't even hard but just a lot of precum dripping out. This causes me to deplete my orgasm before I even have one! So here I was, stuck! "What kind of shit is this?", I say to myself. "I am hornier that a three peckered billy goat, but.

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