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The men had engorged themselves so much on my breast milk that they weren’t even hungry for breakfast. Our work relationships were certainly differe...t as we went about our jobs of finishing the day’s testing. We had bonded in a special way from the intimacy we shared by them suckling and feeding from my breasts, and there was a strong sexual undertone that attracted us to one another even more.By the time we packed up and were ready to head back to Denver at noon, my breasts were ready to be. Fir m uper bhaiya ke room me chala gaya . bhaiya us waqt boxer me hi lete hue the . mujhe dekhte hi bhaiya ke chehare per muskaan aa gai . me bhaiya ke bed per betha to unhone me mujhe apni or khinch liye .ab m bhi bhaiya ke sath let gaya . bhaiya ne mere gaal per or fir mere lips per kiss ki or fir bole kesa laga tha kal , maja aaya tha . mene muskura kar muh dusri tarf ghuma liya or bhaiya ki tarf gand karke let gaya .Ab bhaiya bhi mujhse chipak kar let gaye or piche se mere gaal per or. An unrecognized premonition? It did not matter for the each of us at least at that time. She would go to her room and strip naked and put on a bathrobe. The first time she came back out and I discovered she was naked underneath, I came in my pants. I finally did get control of myself and we even made love right there in her living room with her parents nearby. Incredible when I think back. So risky but so good! While continuing college, I was working nights close to full time whenever. My room shared a wall with the master bedroom and I could clearly hear Mom and Dad frequently fucking at night. I could hear Mom begging to be fucked harder and screaming in orgasm and sometimes I could hear Dad telling her to drink the cum from his dick. They had a great time with each other, frequently. I had only seen Mom naked once, when I was fourteen. I had walked into the bathroom to piss just as she climbed out of the shower. I jerked off three times that night thinking about her.

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