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He wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep it going and still keep a lid on it. His more immediate meaning referred to the naked, forty-something... big titted, raven-haired beauty who was on her knees in his office polishing his knob like it had never been polished before. ‘Oh, shit,’ he moaned, ‘I’m gonna cum any second.’ Agnes Walker lifted her soft, slick lips off of his dick. ‘Isn’t that what you want,’ she cooed, ‘to shoot you hot juice down my throat?’ ‘No,’ Wilbur croaked out weakly,. "I led him into the living room and had him sit down as I went into the kitchen to make him a sandwich. I brought him a face towel and handed it to him so he could wipe the sweat off his face as I stood directly in front of him, letting my housecoat open a bit more. Then I turned and slowly walked back to the kitchen as I glanced over my shoulder to see if he was watching my ass as I gave it a little extra wiggle as I walked away from him. Yes, he was watching my ass and right then I knew I had. ’ ‘Stop lying,’ I felt my eyes begin to water. ‘Lying?’ He raised his eyebrows. ‘Yes, lying,’ I stood and walked over to the opposite wall. Creating some space, ‘No one is ‘watching over’ me! That’s a lie!’ I lent my full weight against that wall. Hoping it would collapse and swallow me. Taking me where I belonged, Far away from this man. ‘Faith,’ he began to walk towards me as I began to slide towards the floor. Another desperate attempt to be swallowed by my surroundings, ‘I’m not lying.’. I’m spending the night at Davis’s house tonight.” “Oh that guy that you’ve been crushing on?” “Yeah, he’s waiting for me in his car as we speak.” “Make momma proud and get some! Ow ow!” “Haha well I have to go. I’ll tell you more tomorrow.” “Alrighty then. Good luck sweetie.”I quickly gathered my things and ran to his car hoping that I wasn’t too much of a burden on him. “What took you so long?” “Sorry, my friend called me.” “About?” “Uhhh, about…some plans that she had planned.” “Oh okay.”I.

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